86 Fiat and Maserati Dealers in the US to become Alfa Romeo dealers

Motor Trend is reporting that the Alfa Romeo 4C will be sold through dealerships at 86 established Fiat and Maserati dealerships in the United States. Alfa will have a presence in 33 states, with 12 of those in California (3 of which are in LA), 10 in Texas, and 9 in Florida. Alfa Romeo will further expand its North American presence with dealerships in 3 Canadian provinces (my bet is British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec). Alfa expects to grow their dealership network to over 300 in North America over time.

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition

The 4C should hit showrooms in late 2014 with the special 4C Launch Edition, which, at almost $70,000 will be priced above the expected 4C price of about $55,000. For the extra money you get the track pack, special seats, steering wheel and carbon fiber, inside, as well as special wheels, a larger spoiler and fender air inlets, on the outside.

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